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The Snow Queen 2: Snow King - trailer 2014

Movie that I've been working on along with the guys at Wizart Animation.
Very solid work!
*No shots of mine on the trailer!



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Dust - Trailer

The trailer is OUT!!!.  :D
I've been working on this project since January with EmberLab. And I'm really proud on how it's turning out. In the trailer, I was responsible for a couple of shots at the end (  1:59 / 2:00 / 2:21 )
Overall, it's been a great pleasure to work with this talented team. Cheers guys!!!

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Produced by Ember Lab and filmed in remote areas of Japan, "Dust" takes place in a world of rapid evolution. Each year new species and adaptations alter the balance of their ecosystems. Technology and deep tradition exist as symbiotic opposites dividing people who live in the countryside from those who live in walled cities. Amidst this cultural turmoil, nature offers up an unexpected challenge.

Musica by Yasuharu Takanashi also featuring Fracois Jolin.

Director: Mike Grier
Producer: Josh Grier
Cast: Masashi Odate, Michael Lopez, Madeleine Lee, Kiyomi Fukazawa

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Zé "Mano" Gota

Film done for Nitro.
I was responsible for all animations.